How We Manage Your Property:
Keeping up the value of your asset requires attending to maintenance. Tenants often ignore property deterioration and owners are often too far away or too busy to notice physical problems to their property. JD Homes is committed to paying special attention to the things that will affect your property's value.

Move In / Move Out Inspection:
We do a "move-in-inspection" which indicates the condition of the house, room-by-room, and note any deficiencies that exist in the house. Another inspection is done "move-out-inspection" when the tenant moves from the property we compare the two. Therefore, determining what, if any damages the tenant should be responsible for.

Property Walk Through Survey:
JD Homes will schedule an appointment with the tenant to survey the property. This survey gives us a chance to observe the physical condition and report any potential problems to the landlord.

Property Maintenance:
Homeowners are given a maintenance checklist to complete. This is an opportunity to be proactive with issues of preventive maintenance, such as Fall and Spring landscaping, HVAC service and chimney cleaning. You get to choose what is done on your property from this preventive maintenance checklist. When repairs are necessary our vendors will report the cause of the problem to JD Homes. If problem was caused by misuse or abuse by the tenant we will pursue the tenant for any monetary damage.

Property Leasing:
A rent survey is done to ascertain competitive market rents in any particular location. JD Homes markets vacancies by whatever means that have a proven result. From Ads in the print media, Ads on major search engines, local signs in the areas and eye catching signs affixed on the property.

Preferred Vendors:
JD Homes has taken great care to select quality vendors who will do maintenance at a fair price as well as to take care in who enters the property while it is occupied.

  • Tenant Screening:
    JD Homes perform an extensive screening process on all applicants. This includes credit check, Criminal background check, Employment verification, Income verification, and rental history (up to 4 yrs).
  • Lease Signing:
    Once the tenant has been accepted. He/she will sign a lease which has extensive safeguards for the property owner and complies with all local and state laws. The tenant must provide a security deposit and first month's rent in certified funds before a lease is signed and the keys turned over.
  • Tenant Placement:
    JD Homes has a special team of Leasing Agents who specialize in property rental. So whether you are relocating from another State or living in the Metro Atlanta area, we are committed to finding you your perfect rental home.

Signing Up For Our Services

If you wish to list your property(s) or need additional information regarding Property Management or Leasing, please email us with your contact information as well as information about your property. One of our associate will contact you within 24 hours.

Thank you for considering the services of JD Homes Investment Group, LLC. We look forward to doing business with you.


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